About Us

eMBeeJay Consulting has been in business for 15 years. Bill Jelsma has over 39 years experience in Information Technology, starting from installing mini-computers in Shell Canada’s refineries in 1978 to being the technology expert on Digital Equipment Corporation National Network sales team. Bill's last claim to fame at Digital was leading the team that won Digital the outsourcing contract for desktop support at Toronto’s University Health Network (UHN). After that Bill decided to started his own company, focusing on bringing better Information Technology resources and support to the small and home-based business.

We have many contacts in the IT industry with many years experience. This allows us to quickly staff up for larger projects, procure equipment, as well as offer backup support during vacations or if something happens with that proverbial bus.

What we offer

peace of mind imageWe’ve always thought that using new information technology can be fun. We also realize that for some it can be very scary. Our objective is to bring Peace of Mind for Information Technology.

We do this through:

  • Using current technology
  • Make it always available
  • Make it always Secure
  • Finally we strive for all this and keeping it as simply as possible
  • Where we deliver

    GTA image Time is money, so we try to keep our costs down, thus your bill down, by not straying too far out of the Greater Toronto Area. If your comfortable in having someone check your systems remotely, we are able to offer remote monitoring and assistance.