Peace of Mind for Information Technology

Most people think all home-based business owners work in their pajamas and sell Avon. Worse, that they take their laptop to a Starbucks for a quick latte, this after a gym or yoga session, and are now waiting for the end of the school day so they can pick up the kids. Dream on. The truth is that people choose the home-based business option so they can be more productive and profitable. However many home-based business owners are in serious jeopardy, because they neglect to implement the precautions against information technology failures that large business utilize.

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Small Business IT Challenges

Seemingly mundane topics like technology transition plans, data protection, and internet security can suddenly be of the utmost importance when your business revenue is on the line.

What can fail

sample imageExamples of IT failures are: laptop crashes during presentations for your final proposal, months of effort for a large RFP response is lost with a hard disk failure, or more embarrassing when all your clients receive from you spam email containing inappropriate content.

It's a partnership

sample imageWe use a collaborative approach to understand your business, your requirements and implement a long term strategy to minimize your information technology problems.

Benefits of partnership approach for IT

It’s preferred that our engagements are not always in response to an emergency. Therefore our process is to develop a long term IT plan, which includes elements such as technology transitions plans, and data backup plans. This lets your business and personal life take advantage of latest technology without you having to do all the research or experience the learning curves. So you can keep your focus on your business, giving you a competitive edge and as a result, makes you more money. What we do can be found on the Services page.

Next Steps

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