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Antivirus Image Many real-time anti-virus software carries too high a performance cost for the protection it provides. Windows has a deserved reputation for security holes, but antivirus is not the most relevant part of a wise security setup for a PC. In fact, traditional antivirus protection software has some troubling disadvantages:

  • Slow read/write disk access up to 15-fold
  • Definitions may not be available until after a virus has reached your computer
  • Deleting or quarantining false positives can be hazardous
  • Background scanning can interfere with software installation and updating, leading to malfunction that is difficult to correct
  • Some anti-virus software updates only daily, so even if proper definitions are available, your software might not have them
  • Marketing preys on fears of the Internet that aren't proportional to the actual risk involved
  • The same files may be scanned many times even though they hadn't changed at all since the last scan
  • Hazardous files may still go undetected by scanner incompetence or bad virus definitions
  • It is recommended that you still use antivirus but don’t look for a single tool. Start with simpler tools such as AVAST or Microsoft integrated, which are excellent first level security approaches. You might also consider a separate machine for high risk surfing such as streaming online videos etc. Don’t do these "risky things" on the same machine that has your accounting software.

    Beyond this, it's wise to use an active firewall functions such as the one that comes with Windows (especially if you’re outside of work and home), take preventative steps such as regularly scanning with Spybot and Malwarebytes software tools. Finally keep unnecessary networking functions disabled.

    This month's tip:

    gmail image

    The Advantages of Google Gmail

    When you sign up for an account with Google's Gmail, you are also given gigabytes of online storage for free. This allows you to take any file that you would normally store on your hard drive and store it on the Internet.

    Integration of other emails

    Integrating another email accounts with Gmail is quite easy and free. You can integrate another email account (cable or telco ISP, your personal domain email service provider, office accounts, etc) with Gmail and send the email from Gmail as that account.

    Available Anywhere

    With Gmail, your email, calendar, contacts and files are available on literally any computer that has an Internet connection. Gmail is a completely online and works with most tablet and smart phone email apps, any POP3 based email client such as Microsoft’s Outlook, and is designed to be accessed with any Web browser on any operating system.