Services Scenarios

Mr. V and virtualization

Mr. V made his Accounting system a virtual machine. This made it accessible everywhere, fully backed daily, dedicated to accounting. Eliminating casual surfing lessened the chances for this machine in getting a virus.

Next he had CAD system who’s hardware was getting too old but the CAD application was still needed. We “migrated” the physical system to a virtual system and that solved the old  hardware problem.

Mr. H and highly available

Desktop hard drive crashed on start of business Friday. Mr. H was able to copy data to his laptop with previous night’s backup on a USB drive. He was working within the hour and eMBeeJay Consulting was able to rebuild his system for the next Monday.

Ms. A and access to government RFPs

Ms. A discovered her government client had changed their RFP process. The RFPs where suddenly on a FTP server and required downloading in short period of time before their client removed them from the server. A quick eMBeeJay visit and some training and Ms. A was able to get her RFPs and submit her proposals.

Mr. M and monitoring a 60,000 sq ft warehouse

Mr. M recently had a customer contract audit, where the auditor indicated Mr. A needed to have building camera coverage with 30 days history. eMBeeJay was able to install an all digital IP camera system along with Aimetis Video Management software which utilizes artificial intelligence to scan the feeds from twelve cameras. Rather than just getting 30 days of camera footage, Mr. M now has a tool that can analyze warehouse traffic patterns, detect and alarm unusually delivery staff activities. This is just a start of what the surveillance platform can provide.

Mrs. P and better phones

Mrs. P was starting a small home-based business. Once she added a traditional “Bell” line she found she was paying $100s per month for phone service. eMBeeJay Consulting was able to utilize here existing phone sets with a Voice over IP System and VoIP service provider. Not only did her cost go down to under $25 per month, she got extra features like having her voicemails email to her smartphone, and she was also able to access via her personal web page. A classic more for less story.

What we can do:

  • Office or Building Access Control
  • Building intrusion alarm systems
  • Camera Surveillance
  • Voice over IP phone systems
  • Virtual machine installations
  • Project Management of large projects
  • IT Equipment procurement and installations
  • Home-based Professional Office setup